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    2. The biggest community in Ontario. Three branded builder stores. One amazing retail experience.
      Industry first home reservation system.
      Condos at Fairview. Cool, calm and connected. Put a little Soul in your life.
      Siteplan table with integrated lighting system.
      The GTA's last great master-planned waterfront community.
      Sean. Barrie's hottest selling community.
    3. Say hello to our green wall in Stoney Creek.
      45 acre forest. 7 acre park. 1 incredible brand.
      Indulge in the suite life at Perspective Condos.
      London's most experiential lifestyle destination.
      Putting communities and towns on the map since 2000.
      Video wall
      + lighting
      + touch control
      = Next level
      topo table.

    People say BAM is a tough place to work. They’d be right. When you drive and manage more of a builder’s business than any other agency, yeah, there’s going to be some friction. But that’s ok. No pain, no gain.
    Senior Front End Developer

    You’ve got a coding playlist. Enough said. You’re motivated and efficient, like a machine, but with a heart, like WALL-E.

    Client Service Manager

    You're a natural born leader, willing to take the bull by the horns and ride it down Main Street.


    Augmented Reality: Bridging The Gap

    This past weekend, we saw the digital world explode after the thunderous launch of the much-lauded Pokémon GO. Its footprint was so massive that four days in it surpassed a billion dollars in value, and bested Twitter for daily active users. It’s also a hyper example of how quickly the general public can adopt AR technology, and the possibilities it offers both brands and consumers. For those unaware AR refers to augmented reality, a playful interaction between the game/software and the real word; in the example of Pokémon GO, Pokémon appear on your phone’s display, overlaid into the real environment as captured by your device’s camera.

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    Next Level Townhome Sales At Triumph

    Over the past year, we’ve been taking strides to help change the way buyers purchase homes. Earlier this year, we introduced a revamped Pine River website that included an online home reservation system that allowed potential buyers to choose the home and lot of their dreams and place a hold on it. We kicked things up a notch with the redesigned Triumph Phase 3 website for Highmark Homes. Not only did it let users book their appointment for the grand opening, but it featured an option that allowed VIPs to skip the line and secure a home.

    AI Video Development Is The Future Of Content Sharing

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    Facebook Is Changing The Game With Live Video

    Facebook has changed the world in many ways. It’s revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends and families. Not to say that they were the first social network ever, but they have ultimately become the most prominent network. They’ve made some tremendous strides over the past few years, adding new tools to enhance the ability for both brands and individuals to share content, but recently, they’ve kicked things up a notch with the introduction of live streaming video.

    BAM Bild Awards

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    Supporting BILD

    Here at BAM, we’re big on helping builders to be the best they can be; from green design within their communities and homes, encouraging better building practices and providing better products and service to their customers. In the end, helping them to put their best foot forward is a great thing for everyone, right down to the family who is purchasing their first brand-new home. It’s this same desire that drives BILD, which is an essential lifeblood of our industry.

    AI Video Development Is The Future Of Content Sharing

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